Valuepac Pet Bottle Round Tall and Wide with Aluminum Lid  Hole or No Hole Lid

Pet Bottle - Tall and Wide

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PET Plastic Premium Bottle - Tall and Wide

Usage: For Coffee, Milk Tea, Cold Brew Coffee Jelly, Mocktails, Cocktails, Juice, Shake, Yogurt, Soy Milk, Herbal Drinks, Drinks and Other Cold Beverage, Kutkutin, Snacks, Sauce, Liquid Soap, Honey

Color: Clear

Diameter: 68mm

Lid Material: Aluminum

Bottle Material:
PET Plastic

Lid Type: No Hole, With Straw Hole Provision

Product Sizes:
500ml, 600ml

Packaging: 100pcs / pack 

* If you are planning to order more than 5,000 pieces per item, additional discounts may be given. Please contact us for special prices.

1. Weight and actual volume capacity may vary due to production configuration.
2. The color, design and shape may vary due to lighting and production difference.
3. A good fit of the lids and cups is not guaranteed if the items were not bought together due to slight production configuration.
4. Items ordered on different dates are not guaranteed to be exactly the same due to production configuration.  
5. There is a margin of error of up to +/- 2% with the actual number of items per pack or per box. 
6. All quoted prices are ex-VAT.